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    • When Should You Replace Your Water Heater?

      Instantaneous hot water anywhere in the home is a modern marvel. In the past, hot baths were taken by boiling pots of water and adding it to a tub. Not anymore, though, as the advent of the water heater has created a sustainable source for hot water throughout the home. However, this just creates more of a demand to ensure that this appliance remains in top-shape.

      With proper maintenance of your home’s water heater, you may be able to squeeze upwards of fifteen years off of the same heater. However, if you are wondering if you need to invest in a replacement, there are warning signs to look for when it is time to purchase a new unit.

    • How often should you replace your water heater?
      When was the last time you replaced your water heater? The average water heater’s natural life-span is anywhere from six to twelve years. A tankless water heater can go on even longer with a life expectancy of twenty years.¬† A water heater will naturally last for its entire expected life if it receives annual maintenance. A water heater will perform at maximum efficiency if it is flushed, drained, and cleaned every year.
    • Have you noticed an unusually high utility bill?

      Have you noticed a change in the cost to run your utilities? If you have noticed a dramatic change in how much it costs to run warm water, then that is a warning sign that you may need to replace your water heater. These issues could point to the water heater failing:

      • Your water heater is making loud noises. Loud, knocking noises coming from the water heater indicates a sediment buildup. When that sediment hardens, it can move around inside the tank and cause various disturbing noises.

      • Your water heater leaks. Leaks on a water heater are bad news. Leaks can look like large spills next to the tank or water corrosion on the side of the tank, but regardless of how it looks this is a clear red flag. A leak occurs when the temperature or the pressure are too high, and can result in an explosion if it is not handled immediately.

      • Your water heater doesn't perform like it used to. If you have noticed that your faucet cannot produce hot water or that your water looks rusted or cloudy, then your water heater needs special attention. A professional plumber will be able to identify the source of the problem and assess to what degree you need to replace parts of the heater or if the whole thing needs to go.

    • Are you frequently replacing parts on your water heater?

      If you have noticed a steady uptick in the number of repairs you have to call in for your water heater, you need to take note. A high-functioning water heater should not need more than a couple of repairs a year if any at all. If the water heater is consistently underperforming and requiring professional services, these costs could add up. Replacing an old water heater may offer cost-saving solutions if the alternative is paying for frequent repairs.

    • Why choose Fairway Plumbing?

      Fairway Plumbing providesExternal link opens in new tab or window¬†water heater replacement services in Leander, Texas. We have established ourselves across Central Texas as highly skilled, efficient, and no-nonsense professional plumbers with a passion for fixing our customers’ plumbing issues. Our team can quickly diagnose any problem, even your water heater issues, and resolve the issue with the latest techniques and technology.